my name is lauryn and i wish to drown in daises


idk why people think school uniform is so bad it means you can get away with wearing the same thing everyday


Rewatching Bloody Mary I noticed this adorable moment I had forgotten. Usually, when Dean says something insensitive Sam will shoot him a look that says “knock it off,” and Dean will, somewhat reluctantly, knock it off. What I love about this moment is Sam knows Dean’s done dealing with the guy they’re talking to—knows a chiding look isn’t going to cut it because Dean’s frustration is justified. So instead, Sam pats Dean on the shoulder and puts himself between the two of them so he can deal with the situation in a different way. A little blink-and-you-miss it moment that perfectly illustrates how Sam looks out for Dean.


Those damn eyes
fucked me

— Charles Bukowski  (via alaisiagae)


she’s beauty and she’s grace, she dropped her phone on her face